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Do I require planning permission?

Some jobs may require planning permission or fire certs under building regulations. We can advise you whether this applies to your specific requirement. Working alongside our architects we can then proceed with this process to save you time.

Do you provide site works?

Yes, if required. We can install ramps, steps, handrails, drainage etc.

Do I need to provide drawings?

Not necessarily. We have qualified technicians who will provide drawings to match your requirement.if you have an idea what you require you can send us a rough sketch.

Are classrooms compliant with education regulations?


Are portable buildings compliant with building regulations?


What size unit will fit my site / What size unit will fit a certain amount of people?

We will discuss your specific needs and from this we can determine which size and type of unit will suit you best. If required we can come out to the site to discuss location and access.

Do I need jacklegs?

Jacklegs help in the ease of siting and transporting units the legs are adjustable in height to facilitate levelling.

Can units be stacked?


Do you have any 2nd hand units for hire or sale?

We have full hire fleet ready for immediate delivery which are also available to purchase.

Container and Modular Building Solutions Include